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Bedroom Reveal

Ta DA! Here it is MTV, the mystical room where the magic happens. It's where I lay my head to sleep, study, bathe, change and procrastinate. A lucky handful are invited inside - today, it's you guys! 

Finally getting the chance to design my own bedroom (from scratch!) was so incredibly exciting for me. I moved into my house back home when I was three years old and my bedroom still looks exactly same as it did the day we moved in - bunnies, teddy bears and all. So getting to pick all my own pieces that don't have to please anyone but myself, was a total dream.

One of my friends gave me a black and gold mosaic picture frame and three matching candlesticks for my birthday. I absolutely adored the colour combination. Together, black and gold is edgy yet elegant, much like myself.  Therefore, they inspired the colour combination for my room and I placed them, visibly, on top of my bed. 

The first thing I bought for my room was a set of gold butterfly wall decals from Umbra. They don't have them at BB&B anymore so I linked the same ones on Amazon.  


Only nine decals came in the pack and I knew I wanted more. Unfortunately, this was the only pack left in all of Bed Bath and Beyond, so I took to Amazon. There I found and purchased a set of black vinyl bringing my butterfly cluster to a total of 21. I scrolled through Pinterest to find a way to arrange the butterflies on the wall and mimicked it.  

Next, I bought throw-pillows. 1 from Bed Bath and Beyond, 1 from ikea and 2 from Walmart. 

$40, Bed Bath & Beyond

$20, IKEA (no longer available)

Then a rug from HomeSense that looked like many scraps of paper sewn together. It was white and shaggy just like my pillows and I loved it. 

I'm obsessed with all things white and shaggy. I think it's because it reminds me of my dog. I also got a white shag chair cover from Target and draped it over my desk chair. Similar one here: 

$35 (on sale), Saks off 5th

I got all my furniture from IKEA, including my bed, nightstand, and desk. It was an experience I will share another time, but worth it, because I love everything I got. 

$429, IKEA

$60, IKEA

The very LAST THING I bought for my room was my duvet cover. Weird, I know. Usually, that is the starting point for many. But I decided to on a plain white cover from The Bay by Distinctly Home to go with my pillows, and not fight against them. Sometimes, simplicity is key. 

$80 (no longer available)

The lamp belonged to my parents. the head made of sticks was made by my talented best friend. She wanted to throw it away and I wouldn't let her - I thought it was so cool!

I developed my photos using It costs 19 cents PER PHOTO and came in just a couple of days. Highly recommend for digital printing (if anyone else still does it nowadays)!

#notsponsored. Just a helpful tip.   

When designing your own rooms, sometimes it's better to not have a plan. I didn't, I just went with what inspired me and snowballed off of that, and I couldn't be happier with my final product. 

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